Idioms Crack Me Up!

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SWBAT further their understanding of idioms by creating a page in a class book about idioms.

Big Idea

We are putting together a class book of idioms that shows the literal meaning of the idiom through pictures as well as states the intended meaning.


Lesson Opener - Guess the Idiom Game

15 minutes

We will start our lesson out today with a friendly game of Guess the Idiom.  I will divide the class into two groups.  One person at a time (alternating teams) will come up to the whiteboard and draw a picture of the literal meaning of an idiom.  They can choose any idiom they can think of, or they can use the game cards from the previous lessons for ideas.  Each team takes turns guessing what the idiom is until it is guessed correctly.  The team that correctly guesses the idiom, gets a point. Then they have the opportunity of earning an additional point by stating what the intended meaning of the idiom is.  If they state the meaning correctly, they get an additional point.  If they get it wrong or don't know, the other team gets a chance to "steal" the point.

Idiom Project - Class Book

20 minutes

For our project today, we will be creating a class book on idioms.  I will instruct the students to select their favorite idiom.  They will write the idiom on a blank art paper page.  Next, they get to illustrate the literal meaning on of the idiom.  On the back of the paper, I will instruct them to write the intended meaning of the idiom.

When the students have all completed their end of the project, I will create a cover and bind each of the pages together to create a book.  The book will make a great addition to our class library.  The student love reading their own work and the work of other students.



Lesson Closer - Sharing our Idioms

10 minutes

After the students have each created their idiom pages, I will let them share their idiom with the class.  They will get to show the picture and tell which idiom it was that they wrote about.  Then they can share the literal meaning of the idiom they chose.