Idioms are Easy as Pie!

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SWBAT identify idioms in text and match idioms with their meanings.

Big Idea

This is day two in our idiom unit where we will be "going the extra mile" by continuing to learn the meanings of common idioms.


Lesson Opener

10 minutes

We will start out our lesson on idioms today with the following song on idioms by Melissa Corbett:

 After the song, we will talk about some of the idioms they remember seeing in the clip and what those idioms mean.

Idioms Go Fish Game

15 minutes

Yesterday we used the game cards found in the resources to play a matching game.  Today we are going to use those same cards to play a game of go fish.  

Just as yesterday, I will divide the students up into groups of four.  This time the students will mix up the cards and deal out 5 cards to each person in the group.  Each person will then take a turn asking another player if they have the match for an idiom card or definition card.  If that person says no, they draw a card from the draw pile.  If the person has the matching card, they put that matching set in front of them and take another turn. 

Idioms Match-Up - Individual Activity

10 minutes

As a pre-assessment to get a feel of where the students are as far as understanding idioms, I will have the students complete the "Idioms Match-Up" activity found in the resources. The students struggled (and continue to struggle) with similes and metaphors so I wanted to spend a little more time with idioms and make sure they get them down before we move on.

Lesson Closer

10 minutes

To wrap up our lesson today, we will read the story "A Little Pigeon Toad" by Fred Gwynne.

This is another picture book that talks about the literal meanings of the idioms.  We will discuss what the intended meanings are with each of the idioms.


Gwynne, F. (1988). A Little Pigeon Toad. New York, NY : Aladdin Paperbacks