Percent Inquiry Lab

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SWBAT create proportional relationships to represent percents.

Big Idea

Can students see the connection between using percents and proportional relationships?


5 minutes


30 minutes

Students will complete a lab that requires them to create a pictorial proportional relationship to represent percents. The lab will start by guiding students through creating a representation then they will progress to using the bar diagrams and proportions to solve problems. We will work through the first example as a whole class. The next problem in the lab will allow students to navigate the solution on their own. I will support their efforts but will not show them how to find the answer. Students have to go an extra step with the second problem and answer a problem using the percent. Relying on their work with proportional reasoning will provide the foundation for working through the lab. After the lab, students will work through the Don't Hate, Collaborate activity on their own.


5 minutes

To leave class today, I want students to see the connections between this lab and work we have done previously with proportional reasoning. As part of our discussion, either before they leave for the day, or during class the following day, I want students to see that a percent is a proportion and problems with percents can be solved using proportional reasoning.

What are some similarities and differences between the inquiry lab today and solving proportions?