Myth Theme Analysis

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SWBAT write a compare/contrast essay focusing upon theme and discussing the similarities/differences of two myths and the relevance to their life using textual evidence for both.

Big Idea

Is it possible for myths to relate to my own life?

Analysis of Myths

15 minutes

Students have read and analyzed several myths in the past few weeks.  Today, in small groups, students recorded the theme demonstrated in each myth and explained the relevance of this theme to their own life.  This should not be too difficult, since there has been class discussion of theme and relevance in each of the previous lessons.

In their small groups, students had a chance to discuss reasons for making connections to their own lives.  Hopefully, the struggling readers and writers could make connections in these discussions that would help them clarify themes and application to their own lives.


Compare/Contrast Essay

35 minutes

Students used the rest of this period to pre-write and write a rough draft to respond to the prompt at the bottom of the analysis chart. 

Prompt:  Choose two of the  myths to compare and/or contrast the themes in an essay.  Include details of similarities and/or differences of each selected myth supported with textual support.  Be sure to address the relevance of the themes to your own life.

Many of the students organized their thoughts using a double-bubble map (similar to a venn-diagram) (see Resources).

Next, students used this information to organize a flee map (see Resources) prior to writing their Rough Draft.

Students then began to write their rough draft.  If they did not complete the rough draft, it was finished for homework.