Write It Wednesday-Equations

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SWBAT write and solve equations.

Big Idea

Can students represent a problem using an equation and solve it?


5 minutes
  • POD

As students enter the room, they will have a seat, take out their Problem of the Day (POD) sheet and begin to work on the question on the SMARTboard. The POD allows students to use MP 3 continually based on the discussions we have about the problem each day.

You spent $19 at the annual carnival in your town. You spent $7.75 on food and you bought 15 tickets for rides. How much did each ticket cost?

This POD asks students to set up and solve an equation. The extra step of requiring them to set it up will ensure that students aren’t using a guess and check strategy to determine the answer. I want the focus to remain on writing the equation then solving it.


30 minutes

We will use the WriteItWednesday strategy to solve the problem below. This strategy requires students to answer the question and to review and critique a classmate’s answer as well.

The Write It Wednesday question for the day is:

When Jacob solved the equation  – 3 = 5, he wrote down his solution as x = 4. Derek said that answer was wrong, and that x = 16. One of the students is correct and one is incorrect. Which student had the correct answer? Explain why the other student’s answer was incorrect.


5 minutes

Students will respond to the following exit prompt to leave class. This prompt will give me a guide as to how students check their solutions to equations. If they indicate that they do not check their solutions, I can reinforce that in class.

Describe how to check the solution to an equation. Do you always check your solutions?