Stuart Little Book Study Chapters 13 to 15

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SWBAT participate in a book study of chapters 13 to 15 of E.B. White's book Stuart Little and write a summary of the book.

Big Idea

Students will answer text-based questions, discuss Tier 2 vocabulary, and write a summary of the book Stuart Little by E.B. White.


1 minutes

Book Study

45 minutes

In this lesson, we come to a close of our reading of the book Stuart Little by E.B. White.  I explain to my students that a focal point of the lesson will be the discourse and questioning in which they engage as they answer text-based questions about the book.  Another focus of the lesson will be their writing a summary to close the lesson.  We continue our book study of Stuart Little chapters 13 - 15.  (See attached Powerpoint.)  During the book study discussion, I encourage my students to use accountable talk (see attachment) and speak in complete sentences in order to further develop their speaking and listening skills.


14 minutes

To close the lesson, students write a 5 sentence summary of the book Stuart Little as an exit ticket.  I ask students to remind me of what is contained in each sentence of the 5 sentence summary.  They tell me sentence 1 is the topic sentence that contains the main idea.  Sentence 2, 3, and 4 contain supporting details 1, 2, and 3.  The 5th sentence is the conclusion.  Summarizing is a Common Core State Standard and is a good way for students to quickly reflect on the overall content of the book. I explain to my students that summarizing is an effective way to improve their comprehension or understanding of what they read, as well as further develop their critical thinking skills.