Stuart Little Book Study Chapters 10 to 12

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SWBAT participate in a book study of chapters 10 to 12 of E.B. White's book Stuart Little and write a poem.

Big Idea

Students will answer text-based questions, discuss Tier 2 vocabulary, and write a poem about the book Stuart Little.


1 minutes

Book Study

25 minutes

In preparation for today's lesson, students should have read chapters 10 - 12 in E.B. White's book Stuart Little.  We continue our book discussion about chapters 10 - 12.  (See attached Powerpoint).  I explain to my scholars that a primary focal point of today's lesson is poetry.  After we discuss chapters 10-12 of the book Stuart Little, they will collaborate with a partner to write a poem about the story.


Poet's Corner

25 minutes

I explain to my students that poetry is a form of creative writing.  It is free expression in which writers use various forms of figurative language (i.e., similes, metaphors, rhyme, repetition, etc.)  I remind them that similes are comparisons of two unlike things using the words "like" or "as."  We share examples.  Metaphors are comparisons of two unlike things without using the words "like" or "as."  We share examples.  Next, I have my students work in pairs and give them a choice to write either a character poem or an acrostic poem (see attachment).  I review the attached examples of a character poem and an acrostic poem.  I find allowing my students to collaborate with a partner helps them to come up with ideas more quickly.  It is an efficient and effective way to maximize time.  The poems help students to further analyze characters in the book Stuart Little.


9 minutes

To close the lesson, students share their attempts at writing character or acrostic poems.  I let them know that I realize this was a challenging assignment.  I emphasize to them that like any art form, writing poetry takes commitment and they will thrive the more they practice, enhance their knowledge of the craft, and grow in their skill of expressing themselves through writing.

Homework - Students read chapters 13 - 15 of the book Stuart Little by E.B. White.

Be sure to continue the unit with the next lesson - Stuart Little Book Study Chapters 13 to 15.