Stuart Little Book Study Chapters 5 to 7

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SWBAT to participate in a book study of chapter's 5 - 7 of E.B. White's book Stuart Little, focusing on the skills of sequencing.

Big Idea

Students will answer text-based questions, discuss tier 2 vocabulary, and sequence events for the book Stuart Little.


1 minutes

Book Study

50 minutes

In this lesson, my scholars continue going deeper into the book Stuart Little by E. B. White.  I explain to them that we will discuss text-based questions that will require them to draw inferences from the text and determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases.  These are Common Core aligned standards which require my scholars to cite evidence from a literary text.  In preparation for the lesson, students should have read chapters 5 - 7.  (Book study questions are on the attached Powerpoint).  As students discuss the text-based questions, they are honing their speaking and listening skills, as well.  I tell them that a focal point of this lesson is the skill of sequencing.  I explain that sequencing is simply putting events in order from first to last.  I ask them to pay close attention to the sequence of events as we discuss chapters 5-7 of the book Stuart Little by E.B. White.



9 minutes

To close the lesson, I remind my students that sequencing is putting events in order from first to last.  We practice sequencing skills together by putting the major events from chapter 6 in order from first to last.  This is important because it provides scaffolding and modeling for my students in the form of guided practice. Students, then, work independently to sequence the major events from chapter 7.  Afterwards, we share whole group.  From the activity, students get to see the variety of perspectives of what their classmates considered the major events in the chapters.

Homework - Students read chapters 8 - 9.

Be sure to continue the unit with the next lesson - Stuart Little Book Study Chapters 8 to 9.