Geometry Scavenger Hunt2

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Students will be able to classify two-dimensional figures in a hierarchy based on properties.

Big Idea


This is the second part of a lesson that I use after I have my students copy all of the vocabulary and an illustration in their math journals. They will be finding examples of all 16 geometric properties in the courtyard outside my classroom. 

Inclusion - Engaging Students

3 minutes

Exploration of Geometric Properties Outside the Classroom

30 minutes

For this lesson, I have to set my students up for success outside the contained classroom environment. I do this by asking them to report out popcorn style what should this activity look like, sound like and feel like.  I take 3-5 answers on each section emphasizing the feels like. 

The day before this lesson my students have copied all the terms and an illustration down in their math journals, so the visual idea of the term should be recognized -or a picture is placed in their minds. 

We go outside the classroom and I give them the choice to sit at a table or on the grass.  Some students choose to sit on a wall but I found them to be to distracted. 

As the students drew and discussed where they were finding the shape/lines I walked around checking in with them.