Parts of Speech Writing Assessment

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SWBAT write an original narrative in which they use all parts of speech in this unit.

Big Idea

Students will write an original narrative using all parts of speech in this unit.


1 minutes


4 minutes

I inform students they will write an original narrative in which they use at least one example of each of the parts of speech in this unit.  I like using a culminating writing assessment to end a unit, particularly in this grammar unit because it requires my scholars to use the various parts of speech in the context of an original narrative they create.  The narratives should develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective techniques, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.  I display the attached writing rubric and parts of of speech checklist and review them with them so they understand just how they will be assessed.  I answer clarification questions students have.

Writing Assessment

55 minutes

Students write an original narrative using the parts of speech we discussed in this grammar unit.  To serve as a guide for them, I display the parts of speech lesson topics on the SmartBoard (See the attached Powerpoint resource.)  Afterwards, students read their own narrative and self-evaluate by completing a checklist to ensure they have included and identified all parts of speech.  Students submit both the writing assessment and the checklist.  Although this writing assessment is different from a constructed response assessment in that it does not require my students to cite textual evidence as they write in response to a reading source, I still view it as important because it allows my scholars to write creatively using their own imaginations.  It is important that students be provided opportunities to write daily for various purposes.