Graphing: Plotting Data

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Students will be able to plot ordered pairs in the first quadrant of the coordinate grid.

Big Idea

Graph It!


10 minutes


For the opener I will display a graph and do a See, Think, Wonder.  The graph I display will have important elements missing from it so that the graph doesn’t really make sense.  For example, I will omit some of the labels for the axes and the title of the graph. 

At the end I will display the correct graph with all the parts and ask students if it made a difference in their understanding of the information.



20 minutes


I will model for the students how to take the table that we created yesterday in the duck! Rabbit! Activity and create a graph.  I will then have students graph the combined data for their grade level. 

As students begin to finish I will ask them to also graph the data for the other two grade levels.  They should have three separate lines on their graphs.  I will ask them to use different colors to create the points. 

To wrap up the activity I will also teach students how to make a legend for their graph so that they can distinguish between the grade levels.



10 minutes


As an exit slip, I will have students write a list of things a graph has.  I will allow the students to use the examples created today to guide them in creating their list.