Coordinate Grid Task: Battleship

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The students will be to demonstrate and apply their knowledge of the coordinate grid system in a game of Battleship.

Big Idea

You sunk my battleship!


15 minutes

In this lesson students will be demonstrating their knowledge of the coordinate grid system by playing Coordinate Grid Battleship with a partner.  In this activity students will be able to practice identifying and plotting points in the first quadrant of the coordinate grid system.

To begin I show the students a video of a Hasbro commercial from the 1960’s.  I then tell the students of my experience as a kid playing this game and ask them if they have ever played it.  I open up the class for a quick group discussion about their experiences with Battleship. 



30 minutes

The Battleship game is an activity that I found on the Illuminations website.  I have included a copy of the directions.  Basically students will be creating their own battleship board and playing with a partner.  Each student needs a piece of graph paper and colored pencils. 

I read the directions to the students while displaying them on the document camera.  As the students begin setting up their battleship boards I circulate the room and check to make sure they set up the axes correctly on their graph paper. 


15 minutes

To wrap up this activity I have students think about strategies they used while playing this game.  I ask them to have a quick conversation with their neighbor about their strategies then I have them write their responses in their math journal.  I ask them to write a letter to someone who has not played the game before and offer them strategies for the activity.  I have a few students share their written responses.