Coordinate Grid Task: Jumbo Grid

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The students will be able to identify and plot points within the first quadrant of the coordinate grid system.

Big Idea

Now that's one big coordinate grid!


5 minutes

In this lesson students will continue practicing identifying and plotting points within the first quadrant of the coordinate grid system. They will be making a life size model of the coordinate grid in the gym in which the students become the axes and the plotted points. 

To begin I have the students line up and then ask a question to the person next to them about the vocabulary we have been studying thus far about the coordinate grid.  The vocab words are posted on the whiteboard and the student can ask their neighbor to give them a quick definition of the word while we are waiting for everyone to get in line and ready.  I then take the students down to the gym to begin the activity.


20 minutes

I decided to use the gym for this lesson because we need to have ample space to create a jumbo coordinate grid.

I have the students take a whiteboard and make up the points on the x and y axis.  With the other students who are not on the grid, I will plot them.

The emphasis is that students being plotted go to the origin, then across the x, then up the y.  

The entire time I keep students engaged by asking them individual and group questions.  I have included a video of part of this exploration.


15 minutes

To wrap up this lesson I bring students back to the room provide each of them with a copy of worksheet.  This worksheet is derived from and is another chance for students practice identifying and plotting points on the coordinate grid. 

I allow students time to work while I circulate the room and assist anyone who is struggling.  I collect this sheet and review responses as a way to check for progress.