Coordinate Grid Practice

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The students will be able to identify and plot points within the first quadrant of the coordinate grid system.

Big Idea

Flowin' through Coordinate Grid!


15 minutes

In this lesson students will be using their knowledge of the coordinate grid system to begin looking at identifying and plotting points within the first quadrant. 

To begin I give students a copy of the lyrics to what I tell them is a poem.  It is actually lyrics to a Flocabulary video called The Coordinate Plane.  I have them read over the lyrics and discuss it with their groups. 

Currently in language arts we are covering poems with the use of vivid language and word patterns.  While students are discussing in their groups I monitor for use of these terms in relation to the lyrics. 

After allowing the students about ten minutes to discuss the lyrics within their group I bring the class back together for a whole group discussion about their observations of the poem.  Following the discussion I show them the Flocabulary video.


30 minutes

Now that students are excited about the coordinate grid system, I have them complete a worksheet that accompanies the Flocabulary video.  In the worksheet students identify and plot various points within the first quadrant. 

I provide each student with a copy of the worksheet and allow them to discuss with neighbors while they work.  I circulate the room and aid with students whom may be struggling.  At the end of the work period we go over solutions on the document camera. 


15 minutes

To wrap up this lesson I have students complete a quick write in the math journals.  I ask them to describe in writing and with a model what the difference is between the x-axis and the y-axis. 

I think it is important to solidify this concept in the minds of the students because most often this is where they get stuck when first working with coordinate grids.  They forget which is the x-axis and which is the y-axis.  By having them write and draw the difference between the two axes, I can provide them with an additional opportunity to retain the new information.