Coordinate Grid Introduction

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Students will be able to identify parts of the coordinate system.

Big Idea

Coordination required!


15 minutes

In this lesson and the next three lessons students will begin exploring the coordinate grid system.  The emphasis in geometry content lies solely within the first quadrant of the grid. 

To begin this lesson I bring students to the campfire.  This is an area of the room where there is enough space for everyone to sit on the floor.  I have prepared seven index cards with the new vocabulary for the coordinate grid system.  This includes origin, perpendicular, x-axis, y-axis, coordinate plane, first quadrant, and ordered pair.

I will go over each new word and provide a student friendly definition.  I also put motions to each of these words in order to create a kinesthetic aspect to the vocabulary.  During the introduction of words I allow for times in which the students can turn and talk to their neighbor.  For example, students can describe where they may have heard this word before or what they think it might be.  They could also provide a quick definition to their neighbor in their own words. 



30 minutes

Now that the students have been exposed to the new vocabulary I have them demonstrate their understanding by labeling a coordinate grid of their own.  I give them each a copy of a coordinate grid and have them label it with their seven terms.  For each term I have them use a different color marker.  Once the students have finished labeling their coordinate grid they have to provide written definitions for the seven words.  I have students put the definitions on the bottom of the coordinate grid sheet. 

I allow students to discuss with their groups while they are working but each student must create their own diagram. 


15 minutes

To wrap up this lesson I have the students become the teacher.  The students will work in pairs to quiz each other on their knowledge of the coordinate grid system.  Students will take turns coming up with questions to check for understanding of their neighbor. 

At the end of about five minutes I bring the students back to a whole group discussion.  I ask them to identify anything that was tricky about the coordinate grid system or something they found easy.  I monitor responses and check for misconceptions. 

Finally, we do a quick review of the newly introduced vocabulary words with their motions.  For this portion of the lesson I have students stand up while we make the motions.