Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Research Day

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SWBAT fully investigate their learning style through internet research.

Big Idea

After taking the learning style quiz, students research their top two learning styles and determine which is a better fit, based on evidence.

Reading Log Collect & Confer

35 minutes

Whenever possible, I begin my lessons with silent, independent reading. During this time, I actively monitor their reading progress by checking their out-of-class reading logs and engaging in reading conferences that cover a variety of topics.


To find ways to enact this section, please see my strategy folder.

Independent Learning Style Research

25 minutes

We use the results of the Multiple Intelligences Assessment

Both are packed with information, including career suggestions and best practice study methods.

Students begin to take notes on their top two learning styles.

Students "Claim" their Learning Style

10 minutes

By the end of the period, students can now make a critical decision about which of Gardner's Multiple Intelligences best applies to them. They had a chance to research their top two, now in convenient small groups or pairs, they can claim their dominant learning style. Each student should fill out an Exit Slip: Dominant Learning Style. This gives me a tally and a way to make fast small groups for the upcoming lesson.

Here is a Student Work Sample: Learning Style Research & Claim. This student researched the interpersonal learning style as one of his options. He sited some of his research to support his intelligence type.

Student Video: Claiming my Learning Style, Kinesthetic Learner

Student Video: Claiming my Learning Style, Logical Math Learner