Peer Revision and Polishing a Paper

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SWBAT revise their claims and evidence into a cohesive final draft by working with a peer to review their writing and the tenants of academic writing in general.

Big Idea

Writing is a messy process, but the final product should be clean and sparkly. How do you make the mess into something that can impress?

Sub Plans

I will be gone for the delivery of this lesson...and am really nervous that it isn't going to work the way I have it planned. I usually try to plan something a little less teacher-directed when a sub is in my classroom. I find that if the students have a task that they can work on independently, things go better for all. Due to the upcoming breaks and general lack of time before the end of the semester, I had to move forward with the paper in this way.

Thankfully, this project has moved me more towards the meticulous in regards to writing up lesson plans, so I'm hoping that will help whoever ends up in my classroom to be successful. In the meantime, I owe my teaching-partner some chocolate as he is likely going to have to use his magic to ensure the kids are productive.


10 minutes

Students will need to be given time to read their choice novels and complete their Reflection 5 (copies included). They should be given 15 minutes for this activity. While they are working on this, my teaching partner will be initialing their Othello literary analysis paper drafts to see who will be able to participate in the peer review workshop and who will be writing a draft instead.

What Not to do in Academic Writing

10 minutes

After the reading time, I will ask my sub to go through the What Not to do in Academic Writing and have the students share verbally how they would fix the problems in each slide. These are all things that they will be reading a peer’s draft to look for, so hopefully it will help them understand the checklist in the next section of class.

To help her with this, I left a Annotated PPT of the slides in my written sub plans. Hopefully this will help her to "guide" students towards the right answers.

Peer Revision Workshop

20 minutes

Once that is completed, I will ask my sub to hand out the Checklist and  Rubric. I will ask her to review the categories with them and answer questions as best she can as most of the checklist items will be elements from the “what not to do” activity and/or the rubric.

Once she feels confident with their ability to use the sheets to conduct a review of a peer’s paper, I will ask her to let them choose one person to work with. Their revision checklist will ask them to review their peer's paper for the following:

Students who came in without a completed draft will need to sit silently and work on a draft. My teaching partner can help to arrange this and the partnerships. Students will need about 20 minutes to read and critique their partner’s paper.

Once they are finished, they will have time to look at their peer feedback and begin to make revisions to content and style (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.9-10.5).

Individual Work Time

10 minutes

Once the students have read and reviewed a peer’s paper, I will ask the sub to have them return to their assigned seats and work on revising their drafts independently. 

I will ask her to remind them that their final drafts are due into by Friday at midnight. I will also ask her to tell them that if they need any specific help with their papers that I will be available in intervention on Wednesday morning or via email. Hopefully they will take advantage of this if they need it.