Peas and Carrots...Carrots and Peas

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SWBAT find combinations for 7 and 8. SWBAT use the commutative property as a strategy to find combinations.

Big Idea

Students "sweat" in this difficult task where they work to find all of the combinations for 7 and 8.

Setting Up the Learning

5 minutes

Opening Discussion

10 minutes

Present Problem:

Yesterday, I was feeling hungry. REALLY hungry. All I wanted was some peas and carrots. But I had a problem. I have this special kind of spoon that I cook with, and this spoon can only hold 7 vegetables. So today, I need your help figuring out all the different ways I can put together a group of peas and a group of carrots to make 7 vegetables in total.

Define the terms:

  • Whole: I can only have 7 vegetables in my spoon. 7 is my whole, or ho w many I have in all.
  • Part: I need you to imagine that some of them are peas and some of them are carrots. 
  • How many peas would I have? How many carrots? The number of peas is 1 part, the number of carrots is the other part of the number 7. 

Who has an idea for how I could figure out one way? 

After one student shares a strategy, I'll have everyone “test it”. My guess is most kids will do fingers first.

Guiding Questions:

  • Are there 7 in total?
  • Which fingers represent how many peas? Which fingers represent how many carrots?
  • Now let’s look at it with green and orange cubes. How many green cubes do I need? How many orange? 
  • How many in total? 

Record strategy:

  • Think Aloud: I know that we are putting 5 and 2 together and when we put numbers together, we need a +sign, so I am going to write 5+2 next to this picture. We will put all the ways we found on our chart at the end of class. 
  • I will draw 5 orange cubes on this side, and 2 green cubes on this side. I am going to show how I counted them to prove that I have 7 in all. 

Student Work and Strategy Share

15 minutes

Watch the video for how I did the middle portion of this lesson! Included is the chart the class made together!

Also, see the attached document for the worksheet we used. 



Independent Practice

15 minutes

See the video for how I differentiated the independent practice of this lesson!

Also, all documents needed for independent practice are in the attached pdf.

Debrief and Closing

10 minutes

After independent practice, we will review our learning objective and I'll have students come back and share their combinations with the class. We will create a class chart to post of all of the combinations we found. 

I'll chart these combinations intentionally (similar to the way I charted them in the strategy share). I'll chart so that students will notice the commutative property. In other words, 3 + 5 will be right next to 5 +3. 

After we chart all of the ways we found, I'll have students turn and talk to discuss what they notice about the combinations.