Practicing Division with SumDog

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SWBAT practice multi-digit multiplication and basic division facts using a computer game.

Big Idea

Students use a free computer program to engage with practicing division facts.

Concept Development

50 minutes

I left this lesson for a guest teacher. 

In this lesson, students use a computer program to practice basic division facts and multiplication.  Students practice single digit multiplication and double digit multiplication as a review in this lesson

I have used in the past and students have thoroughly enjoyed it. Students are always asking me when we get to play it next and also log in and use it from home quite frequently.

From the Sumdog website: "Sumdog covers 100 fine grained numeracy topics, ranging from simple addition and subtraction, through tables and sequences, to square roots and primes. Sumdog adapts to the skill levels of each student, helping them to work through each numeracy topic comprehensively."

Registered users can choose a personal avatar for the games, and track their progress. Registration is free.

School subsctiptions are available and offer additional features such as teacher controls and class reports.

Students spend the entire lesson playing the various games on the website.  I had previously taught students how to change the skills presented in the games.  For today, students change their skill set to basic division facts and single and double digit multiplication.