Assessment: Subtraction

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SWBAT subtract multi-digit numbers fluently, estimate, and solve multistep word problems.

Big Idea

Students show their understanding through a formal assessment.

Mental Preparation for the Test

10 minutes

My students were really ready to take this test, but I wanted to be sure that they talked about what needed to be done in order to show mastery of their standards.

Together, we made a list on the white board:

1. Line numbers up.

2. Think about place value.

3. Write neatly.

4. Use KWS ( What do I know?, What to I want to know?, How do I solve?)

5. Show all work.

6. Write equations with variables.

7. Estimate.

8. Add to check your subtraction. ( Inverse operation).

 I talked to them about remembering that they are mastering standards and that they had worked hard to master them in their quizzes.

It was a short quick review and then I played this video. They love it! I have used it before and they ask each time we take a test to see it. I think the " I am going to do my best, best, best is a great last minute message. The photos are great...It's a cute video.


50 minutes

Subraction Test

My students are allowed to sit anywhere in the room during a math test because I have a high test anxiety group of students. This level of test taking, although it is their second is a high level and rigorous format that they were not exposed to in third grade. I expect them to write a challenging test that closely resembles the level of work and thought expected in their daily work.

I expect to see strategies used and learned along with equations and variables. I expect correct choices for solutions to word problems and well written wording. I also expect proper spelling and sentence structure as I want them to be able to write well across all subjects and get used to the idea that it all matters.

Common Core is all about this level of rigor and expectation. As we master these standards at this high level, and show understanding of place value, students will have a better understanding the role addition and subtraction plays in their lives.