Interim Assessment Review Day 1 of 3: Constructions and Angles

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SWBAT prepare for the fall interim assessment.

Big Idea

This review lesson covers content from the Geometric Constructions unit. Students practice constructions and review vocabulary.

Do Now

5 minutes

At the beginning of the lesson, I have the students write an answer to,

"What are geometric constructions and why do we use them?"

I have students set up a T-chart and write down the various constructions we have learned throughout the unit. They write a description of how and why those constructions are used.

After about three minutes, we go over their responses in a whole class discussion. Reviewing this question helps activate students' knowledge of constructions and leads into the lesson activity.


30 minutes

Before the Unit 1, 2, and 3 Interim Assessment, I allow three days of review. In this lesson, students practice questions involving definitions, constructions and angles. Students write precise definitions and create accurate constructions.

Students work independently on most of the questions, but work together on one specific question. They use their notebooks for reference and if they have further questions, they ask students at their tables for help. The tables are groups with students of mixed abilities. Some students are strong in certain areas while other students are strong in different areas. They use their strengths to help each other answer questions they may have.

As the students work, I circulate around the room. I address any misconceptions students still may have about constructions and check to see if their constructions are accurate. Often, I see that students draw lines without constructing the necessary arcs, especially when constructing parallel lines or bisecting angles.

At the end of the lesson, we go over the sheet. I assign each group a question from one to four to present in the summary section. Although each student is responsible for completing all of the questions, they work together with their group to ensure their group's question is ready to be presented.

If students don't finish question five, I assign it to them for homework. 


10 minutes

As a summary to the lesson,  I call on one student from each group to give their group's presentation. After each presentation, I ask other students in the group if they would like to add anything. Then we discuss the answers as a group.