That's a Wrap: Main Idea Post Assessment

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SWBAT read a piece of nonfiction text and identify the main idea and supporting details in a well written paragraph.

Big Idea

Determining the author's main idea and identifying supporting details aids in comprehension of all texts.

Wrapping Up Main Idea: Giving the Post Assessment

30 minutes

Today is post assessment day!!  This is one of my favorite days because I love to see the growth my students show between pre and post.   This assessment is exactly the same as yesterday's practice.  I want students to be familiar with the format as much as possible so that, like I always say, I'm assessing what I really want to assess.  I don't want any factors to inhibit my students' success in this area.  

I wanted to touch on the inclusion of the graphic organizer in today's assessment and yesterday's practice.  I told my students that they could choose to use it or not to use it.  This graphic organizer serves as a bridge for the students who need it to write the paragraph.  As long as they can write the paragraph, I don't care if they're not ready to do it without a graphic aid so I've included it for that reason alone.  The article I used for today's assessment is entitled Animal Instinct.

When I grade the assessments, I will be able to tell just where on that spectrum my students fall so when I revisit this standard in small group instruction, I can touch on which kiddos still need practice with it.  

I hand out the assessment and wait for them to finish.