The Final Countdown: One Last Chance to Practice

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SWBAT read a nonfiction text and pull out the main idea and supporting details.

Big Idea

Identifying what a text is mostly about aids in comprehension of all text types and structures.

Setting the Stage: Reviewing Main Idea

10 minutes

After reviewing my students' work so far on main idea, I am feeling like it's time to move on so this lesson begins with Europe's The Final Countdown playing as students enter the room.  I tell the students that today is the day before the final test.  Today is like a dry run for the final assessment for main idea- it's the final countdown!!

I have shoulder partners review what main idea and supporting details are.  I also have them review the difference between topic and main idea.  

After the review, it is time to hand out the practice at which time I also tell the students that if they receive a 3 on this assignment, they will not have to take the final assessment tomorrow. This always serves as a great motivator!!

The Chance to Show What You Know

30 minutes

After reviewing the students' work and practice with main idea, it is time to move on to a longer text.  Some students while completing the bat mobiles used a whole book, but many just used a page or a small section which still doesn't require them to put together a longer text where there may be information on more than one aspect of a topic.

So, today's lesson offers students a chance to read a piece of nonfiction and report back on what the main idea and details were.  I used an article from Time for Kids entitled Tornadoes Sweep the Midwest which would be high interest and relevant as the tornado sirens in our city went off due to the same storm.

I explained to students that for this lesson there would be no other sharing or working together as I need to see what they can do alone and that tomorrow would be our summative assessment over main idea and supporting details so I would like to gauge their readiness. Then I set them off to work.   

Who's In? Who's Out?: Reviewing Student Work

15 minutes

After all students have finished their paragraphs, it is time to evaluate the work under the ELMO. At this time, I will be able to see what mistakes students are still making.  It is at this time that students will find out if they have to take the final assessment.  

As each student's work is placed under the camera, his or her classmates are evaluating on a three point scale.  3= they got it.  They have a good main idea and three supporting details written in paragraph form.  2= they almost got it.  They have the main idea, but at least one of the supporting details are incorrect.  1= they need some help.  The main idea is incorrect as are the supporting details.  

Each student's work is evaluated and recorded.  I let the students take their work home to correct if they choose to.