Solving Triangles Assessment

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SWBAT determine the best method to solve problems involving triangles.

Big Idea

Students will demonstrate their understanding of Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, and right triangles through an assessment.


45 minutes

The assessment for this unit allows students to demonstrate their understanding of structure, problem solving skills, repeated reasoning and modeling ability.

Instead of just giving students information about some triangles and then spend time working out solutions with a calculator, I ask students to reasons about given information in questions 1-4. These questions ask students to identify the number of possible solutions justify the decision and then write out how to start the problem. 

The rest of the problems have students solve problems in context. Question 5 is often missed because the students put the angle in the wrong position they locate the turn as angle ABC not the supplement as and ABC.

For this test the first 7 questions are important to be proficient. The last 2 questions ask students to extend what they have learned so those problems are considered advanced.