Words with oi and oy

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SWBAT read, write, and spell words with oi and oy.

Big Idea

Launch a connection by relating the oi and oy sound to Buzzlight Year.


5 minutes

Common Core Connection

Studying the specific sounds in words develops fluency in readers, which later turns into an increase in comprehension.  By making connections between the sounds in words students increase their ability to read a variety of text. In addition an increase in fluency  also raises students' ability to read and comprehend complex ideas and text.  These are skills students need for skills that they will be required later in their academic career.

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, the students work in small groups throughout the lesson and transition about every twenty minutes. I have included a video on each management strategy here: peanut butter jelly partner and transitions.

Introductory Activity

First I project an image of Buzzlight Year on the board, because technology always engages my class.  Then, I ask the students what Woody always tells Buzz in Toy Story.  They discuss with the their partner.  I explain that Woody tells Buzz he is just a toy.  Toy as the sound we are going to study today.  Oi and oy say /oi/.  Say it with me. Tell a friend.  Say it again.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

We first read Toy's for Boys and then highlight the words with oi and oy.

Now we begin to sort words by words that have the oy or oi sound and words that do not.  I give each child a card with a word on it and they bring them up place them on the chart under the correct heading.

As the students bring their word card up they agree or disagree with each others choice.  They use thumbs up or down to show their opinion.  This is a nice formative assessment that helps me check my students understanding during this portion of the lesson.

Partner Work

20 minutes

The students now work with their partners to highlight any words in the selected passage that have the oi or oy sound.  This activity is designed to help the students recognize the spelling pattern and look for word with the pattern. By doing this the students increase their decoding skills. The story I use is the Coy Son.

Then they must create two sentences using at least two of those words from the passage in a sentence.  This give the students a chance to apply the skills of reading oy or oi words to creating sentences with the words.

Student Reflection

5 minutes

This is the time I like to work on speaking and listening.  My students are given the opportunity to read their sentences aloud. Before they read their sentences I say, "Criss cross apple sauce pockets on the floor hands in your laps talking no more." This is a way to promote the positive behavior I desire, so I do not have to correct students.  Then I say, "Talk loud, look at the speakers eyes, and think about what the speaker is saying."

To create a higher order thinking activity I allow other students to evaluate their peers sentences.  Students share what they like or might change to their peers work, but I add my own comments to make sure students are confirmed in their ideas.


5 minutes

The students are now ready for me to assess them each in an informal way.  I ask the students to write one word they know that has the oi/oy sound on a sticky note and place it on the Tweet Board.  I use this assessment to drive future instruction.

Then I share the plan for future lessons and how we will continue to work on our phonics.  The students chant: I can read and write words with oi/oy.