Black Friday Blowout (Summative Assessment)

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SWBAT use their understanding of calculating sales tax, discount, complex fractions, unit rates, and unit fractions.

Big Idea

Let the students have a blast experiencing a full BLACK FRIDAY excursion. Students will shop, and compare better buys using their understanding of calculating sales tax, and discount, to solve a performance task.

Pre Lesson Guided Notes

This is a performance task.  This lesson should be completed after all lessons of calculating sales tax, discount, tip, percent of increase, and percent of decrease have been taught and student mastery has been established. 

This lesson will give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a real world experience.  Students will be able to see the relevance of being able to calculate sales tax, and discount.  This lesson would be fun to start the week before Thanksgiving Break. Students will experience a simulated BLACK FRIDAY FUN DAY.  So many of us live for Black Friday.  We love the midnight grind, hustle and bustle to get one of the few favorite items on sale for a great discount, and of course the tasty dining that accompanies the hard work of shopping until you drop.  This lesson will culminate all of the lessons you have administered over 7.RP.A.3. Students will use MP 1, MP 2, MP 3, MP 4, MP 5, and MP 6 within this performance task.  If you are a follower of my lessons, you will be used to seeing a bell ringer to start off each lesson.  For this performance task, we will get right into the experience.

You will want to pump this lesson up a few days in advance.  Talk about what Black Friday is.  Some of your own personal experiences you have had with Black Friday.  Ask students to share what they know about Black Friday.  Some students may not have personal experiences with shopping on Black Friday, however they may have viewed commercials that are advertising Black Friday deals.  This lesson will take place over a few days. 

Each student will complete their own performance task, however they will work in groups of four to complete the experience.  Have students enter the room and sit in their Individual Think Time seats.  Pass out the task to each student.  Go through what the task is asking them to do.  Answer any questions the students may have about the task at hand.  Place students into groups.  For this task, in order for students to have an equitable experience, you will want to group students in homogenous groups.  Students who are on the same academic level will be able to have a rich experience.  Each student should be able to contribute to the task equally. 

This task is cumbersome.  You will want to afford at least three days to complete the task.  I would encourage each student take a role of one of the friend’s in the task and divide the work load.  Be sure the group as a whole critiques the work of their peers.  This will enforce MP 3.

Student Activity

120 minutes

After you have gone through the expectations of the black friday task sheet and answered any questions, allow the groups to get started. Groups should effectively create a plan of action so that all persons in the group are contributing equally.  The suggestion would be for each student to take the role of one member of the group in the task and solve their problems.  I would have students take the role of one member in the task and give at least 10 minutes to grapple through calculating the discount amount, sale price, and final cost including tax for the item that they are responsible for.  Once they have had I.T.T to grapple through these questions, (MP 1, 2, and 4) the group should come together to critique everyone’s work.  All should agree before moving forward in the task.  Once each person from the group has agreed on all work being correct, each person should fill in their task sheet accordingly.  If student’s choose to tackle the task in this way, they may only have work that will justify their item from the list.  As the students move from Parts A thru C on their own, Parts D thru F should be completed as a group. 

As the groups are working, it is important to walk the room looking for use of mastery.  Remember, this performance task will be completed after lessons have been taught, formative assessments have been given, and the students are ready for a summative assessment. 

Allow students 2 to 3 days to complete the performance task.