Review of Solving Triangles Day 1 of 2

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SWBAT solve problems involving the measurements of triangles.

Big Idea

By creating problems for others to solve, students will review solving triangles using multiple methods.

Bell Work

5 minutes

Today we begin our review of the material for this unit. I let students know that attention to precision in writing explanations will be important on the assessment, so I want them to focus on this today.

We begin with a task that asks students to consider the number of possible solutions to a given triangle given three measurements. Students should be able to determine the possible solutions to each problem in a couple of minutes. When we review the answers, I plan to ask students to explain how they reasoned. I want to make sure students identify the given information clearly in the process of explaining their solution.


35 minutes

After discussing the bell work, I remind students of the learning target for the unit. Then, I plan to give students a Review WorksheetThis worksheet was designed to help students appreciate how they can develop a review activity for mathematics. The worksheet only identifies one problem for the students to work from the book (Larson, Precalculus with Limits, 2nd ed.). Students are then asked to design their own problems (or select a suitable problem in their textbook). Once they have a problem, they should work to solve the problem. Students are encouraged to do more than one problem. For students that are not sure where to get problems, I refer them to the sections in the book that cover the material.

As students work I move around the room and answer questions. If I have a group of students that need help I will put them together and work with this group or I will assign students to a partner to help the students. I expect there will be some students who try to find the easy problems and even choose the problems that are examples in the book.  When I see this being done I will ask:

  • How did the author do this problem?
  • Why is there only 1 solution? 

I will also encourage students to make sure that the problems that they choose reflect the level of proficiency they would like to achieve.


5 minutes

As class ends I let students know that tomorrow I will randomly pick students to share examples from their review sheet in class. I say, there are two important things that you need to bring tomorrow: 

  1. The review worksheet so that you can share your examples and show what you know
  2. An appreciation of what you do not yet know well and a list of questions that you have about these concepts and skills.