Applied Trig Time

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SWBAT solve real-world problems using trigonometry topics like sine, cosine and tangent.

Big Idea

Students will persevere through challenging real-world problems involving the Eiffel Tower and puppies.

Do Now

10 minutes

In this Do Now, students will review how to find missing side lengths (in a right triangle) using sine and tangent.  You can extend this Do Now by asking students to also find the cosine.   This Do Now provides not picture for students, and hence, requires them to make their own.  This will reinforce for students how to use SOH CAH TOA correctly while also creating their own drawing.   Since we'll  be applying these ideas to more complicated real-world situations, it's important for students to have a mastery of these skills.

Review of HW and Corners

20 minutes

You can take time to review the activity/homework from the prior night's assignment.  I find that we need to go over most of these questions in class.  We also want students to have a strong grasp of these more straight-forward problems before jumping into more challenging, real-world assignments.

If you have time, you can also repeat the Corners' Activity from last class using these different problems.  To set-up three corners of the room will represent each function, sine, cosine or tangent.  When you show each of the questions on the board, students can move to the corner that shows which trigonometric function they should be using.  You can also solve these questions out completely, if you have time left in class. You can modify this activity to have students use flashcards that say S, C or T and have students hold these up.   These questions give students a chance to use repeated reasoning in finding the missing values for each right triangle (MP 8). 


Real-World Practice

15 minutes

Activity/Homework and Exit Ticket

15 minutes

Student can work on the practice questions in the student notes on real-world problems using trigonometry at the end of class or for a homework assignment.  You can also assign these online practice questions for extra reinforcement as homework or as an extension assignment. 

The exit ticket requires students to solve a real-world problem, where they must make their own drawing and then solve.  You can scaffold this lesson by drawing the diagram with the class and then letting students set-up and solve the problem on their own.  If you have time, you can review this question with students and discuss how students can check their work.