Nouns All Around

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SWBAT identify nouns in their immediate environment and state whether it is a person, place, thing, or idea.

Big Idea

Students review the definition of a noun and identify them all around!

To Do

15 minutes

I asked students what they remembered about nouns from last year because I wanted to assess their prior knowledge. Most students were able to tell me it is a person, place, thing, or idea. We discussed the concept of idea, such as love, idea, friendship, etc. For practice, I showed students a PowerPoint presentation with various nouns. They wrote whether the noun was a person, place, or thing, or idea on their whiteboards. They showed me their board when I called out their table number. If a student held up an incorrect response, I would use the questioning strategy to guide him or her to the correct response.

Students really enjoyed this activity! The whiteboards and markers are highly engaging. It keeps students on task and allows me to assess all students real-time. 

Independent Practice

30 minutes

I wanted to make the lesson interesting, so I had students use the iPad to take pictures of nouns around the school. They were excited not only about the use of technology, but working outside of the classroom. First, we walked outside so that students could take pictures. They even zoomed in to take a picture of an airplane flying overhead. Next, we walked inside the school building for more pictures of nouns. One student announced he was going to take a picture of the cafeteria because it is a place. Other students decided to take pictures of the cafeteria, office, restroom, and other places in the building. They also wanted to take pictures of people walking by, but I told them they had to ask the person’s permission first.

When we returned to class, students were instructed to create a presentation of eight of the nouns on the iPad. They had to include a caption on the type of noun, i.e. The cafeteria is a place.  I knew they would want to share all of their pictures, so I let them show them to their shoulder partner, naming the type of noun.

<<insert student presentation>>


10 minutes

Students were assessed on whether they could write a sentence correctly naming the type of noun. A score of 80% was considered mastery.


5 minutes

To close the lesson, we shared out popcorn style. I would name a category (person, place, thing, idea) and students would share out nouns that matched the category. This allowed students to think fast and on their feet. There was a high level of energy in the room and all students were engaged. All students had the opportunity to hear all types of nouns. This was especially helpful for my English language learners as they work to increase their vocabulary.