Unit Assessment Feedback Lesson

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Each student will grade and reflect on his or her performance on the unit assesment.

Big Idea

Students reflect on how they performed on the the unit assessment.


5 minutes

When I have the time, I think it is worthwhile to have a unit assessment feedback lesson.  This could be a homework assignment but I like to do it in class so that questions can be answered.

During the introduction, I will explain how students should fill out the feedback form.  Perhaps the most important part of this task is for students to reflect on why they may have missed a particular problem.  Was the incorrect answer the result of a silly error, a lack of understanding, or a result of not checking work.

Students can learn a lot about the type of errors they make.

Grading and Reflection

20 minutes

Students will now work independently to complete the reflection sheet.  I will probably play some calm music during this part of the lesson.  Students will inevitably make requests, but I'll tell them that for today I am the DJ.  I usually prefer some type of instrumental music for such a task.

Students may want to ask questions during this time but we will save this for the next section of the lesson.  I did not include the open response answers because in some cases answer may vary.  After most students have finished checking over the multiple choice questions, I will go over the possible correct answers.  I will show an exemplar for the graphing problems.

Students then answer a few reflection questions.  My favorite part of this is for students to realize the types of errors they made.  Was it a lack of understanding or a lack of being careful?  Students may conclude that they either need to study harder for assessments or that they need to take their time answering questions.

Questions and Answers

20 minutes

I will answer any questions about problems.  These answers could involve explaining how to solve the problem, why a wrong choice is wrong, or in the case of the open response, what range of answers are acceptable.

Also, I would like for students to discuss the type of errors made.  Often, my highest performing students show a lot of work for all problems, including the multiple choice items.  They are not usually the first finished, and they check their work.  Showing their work could be helpful for students to see - high scores are most often the result of hard work.