Word Roots, How Can I Use You?

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SWBAT incorporate words using these word roots into their writing of a dialogue between Daedalus and Icarus

Big Idea

Do word roots really help determine the meaning of new words?


5 minutes

To begin class, students responded to the following prompt.

Prompt:  Write a summary to your Cornell Notes taken yesterday about theme.  Details about Cornell Notes are located in the Theme lesson within Note-taking/Reflection.

One of the steps in Cornell Notes is for students to interact with their notes a minimum of three times, the summary is the third interaction.


Review Homework

10 minutes

Students were given a theme worksheet for homework last night after focusing on Theme yesterday.  As a class, we reviewed the possible themes and reasons for each scenario.  One point I made repeatedly, is that theme is not a topic.  It must be a lesson you could apply to your life.  For example,  it is not family, but rather, family is more important than random friends.


Word Root Chart

40 minutes

I passed out the “Word Root” chart (Resource) instructing the students to complete the "Meaning" column with a partner.  They could use any resources in the classroom to define the “root”.  They had access to posters, dictionaries, internet, textbooks, notes, or cell phones.  After completing the "Meaning" column, as a class, we came to a consensus of the meaning that we would use.

Next, students individually identified two examples for each root word, reminding them that the words should be those that they would use in their own vocabulary. After 15 minutes, they worked with a partner, to share their word and complete the rest of the chart.

With their partner, students discussed the effectiveness of the selected words created from the word roots and made changes if necessary.

As a whole class, we shared examples so those that did not have the chart completed could fill in the words or change words.


Dialogue Notes

15 minutes

Students took notes about Punctuating Dialogue correctly.  Again I had them use Cornell Notes format.(This can be located by following the hyperlink to "Theme" lesson/Note-taking/Reflection/Cornell Notes). As I passed out the basic notes, they cut and glued the notes on the right side of their notebook, leaving the left side for interaction with their notes  They will be using this as reference when they construct their dialogue between Daedalus and Icarus tomorrow.