Greek Gods - Wanted Poster!

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SWBAT research the backgrounds of notable Greek Gods/Goddesses. Using this information, they will create a wanted poster identifying well-known character traits.

Big Idea

Getting to know Greek gods/goddesses.

Greek Gods Chart

20 minutes

As an introduction to mythology, I distributed "Greek Gods" Chart (Resources) and explained to the students that they would be completing this chart with a partner.  They used their prior knowledge and a mythology website to research the gods role, symbols associated with the god, and Roman god counterpart.  They had access to the websites using their phones or computers that were available in the classroom

Together we reviewed the information.  Those with incorrect details had the opportunity to make corrections.

Greek God's Wanted Poster

30 minutes

After deciding upon the chosen god.  Students did some pre-writing which included details that they would incorporate into their “Wanted Poster.”

Details to include on the wanted poster:

 Name AKA (Roman Name).

 Description of how he/she would be recognized (physical attributes, symbols, what

            does he/she carry).

What is this god wanted for (this could be something terrible or commendable)?

Why is he/she dangerous?

Who does he/she hang out with (gods, goddesses, people in history)?

Where would we expect to see him/her?

Is there a reward?

A hand-drawn picture of this Wanted God.


Then they created their Wanted Poster using construction paper.