Cattle Killers Two

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SWBAT apply principles of probability to evaluate the validity of test results for diseases in cattle.

Big Idea

Will your herd survive and prosper or waste away from Johne's disease or worse? Learn to interpret test results to keep your herd safe!

Set the Stage

5 minutes

This is the second day of a two-day lesson, so my students generally come in ready to pick up where they left off yesterday.  Before they begin, I remind them that they can continue to look for information if necessary, but that they will need to be ready to present before the end of class today.

Put It Into Action

40 minutes

Yesterday my students worked in teams to collect information and data which they will be using today to make decisions.   I explain my expectations that they use their data and information to prepare class presentation of their results.  I distribute the Cattle Killers Presentation rubric, ask if there are any questions and tell them they have about 30 minutes to complete the assignment and be ready to present.  (MP1, MP2, MP4)  While they're working I walk around offering encouragement and assistance as necessary.  Sometimes students struggle with how to write their opinion because they're not accustomed to that form of writing.  For those students I suggest that they write as though they were making recommendations to local farmers/ranchers.  After about 30 minutes or when everyone is ready I ask for volunteers to present.  While each team presents the other students critique their work.  (MP3)

Wrap It Up

5 minutes

I close this lesson with a class discussion about making different decisions from the same or similar data, as discussed in my video.  My students generally understand this pretty well, I think because the ranching connection for cattle diseases also gives them a connection to decisions and discussions they've actually experienced.  I've found that this lesson evokes some very interesting discussions about decision-making!