Close Read: Casey at the Bat - Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

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SWBAT Compare and contrast "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest L. Thayer with "Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen" by Marissa Moss.

Big Idea

This is our third day in a close read of "Casey at Bat." Today we dig even deeper into the text by comparing and contrasting it with another text, "Mighty Jackie: The Stike-Out Queen."


Lesson Opener

10 minutes

To start out our lesson today, we will sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer.  I like to add music and art to my reading lessons whenever possible because we just don't have a lot of time for them unless I do integrate them into our lessons.  

After we sing the song, we will have a simple compare and contrast discussion comparing the song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest L. Thayer.  This will help them with the compare and contrast activity they will be asked to do later in the lesson.

Introduction of Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen

20 minutes

In this section of the lesson, we will read "Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen" by Marissa Moss.  This is a story in our basal readers but can also be found HERE.

This is the story that the students will be comparing and contrasting with our close read story "Casey at the Bat."  By comparing and contrasting, students will be able to dig deeper into the texts.



Compare and Contrast - Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

15 minutes

Part of the shift that the common core has taken is to integrate knowledge and ideas. "Compare and contrast the treatment of similar themes and topics." (CCSS RL4.9)  The reason I love close reads is it touches on most of the core standards for literature or informational text within just a few short lessons.  It also gets the kids so deep into the text that they LOVE it!  The kids have especially enjoyed this close read unit so far on "Casey at the Bat."  I was a little nervous about it being too complex for them to really enjoy.  I was wrong.  They have LOVED it!  

We are going to compare and contrast the two stories, "Casey at the Bat" and "Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen" using the compare and contrast chart in the resources. 

Lesson Closer

15 minutes

To wrap up the lesson, we will discuss as a group some of the ideas we the students were able to come up with for the compare and contrast activity.  It has been my experience that students do not automatically think of text structure, point of view, etc. when comparing and contrasting, so I will make sure to bring those up in our discussion.