Finishing Touches: Writing the Picture Frame Paragraph

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SWBAT identify the main idea and supporting details of a picture found in a newspaper.

Big Idea

Using pictures to identify main idea helps build a bridge to finding the main idea of a text.

Admiring the Frame: Looking Back at Main Idea and Supporting Details

10 minutes

When I instructed students to take out their Interactive Reading Notebook, they were so excited to revisit their pictures from the previous lesson.  They opened right to the page and wondered what we were going to do today.  One of them even asked, "Mrs. Barnes, why did we make the frame open?"

I explained to her that we would be writing our main idea paragraph inside the frame.  I open my frame and begin to model the paragraph.  Now, students have already written paragraphs in previous lessons, but it's been a little bit so we review.  Once they help me craft my paragraph, I will leave it under the ELMO so students who need the structure can use it for reference.

Filling the Frame: Writing the Main Idea Paragraph

30 minutes

This time is for the students to work.  It takes them a bit but it's OK- I want them to do a good job.  Eventually I will have to get them to pare down their time because when this question occurs on their standardized test, I don't want them to take a half hour to answer it.  During this time, I ask periodically if students want to share and I tell them that any time they are ready to just let me know.  I use the same strategy as in the picture frame lesson allowing students to use others' ideas as their own.

 For the most part of this lesson though, students are just working as I sit with those who need extra support.

Titling the Picture: Using Main Idea to Apply a Title

10 minutes

This lesson ends with a quick activity to give just one more example of how we use main idea as readers to help us comprehend text or graphic information.

This time I do show the picture I had planned to use in the previous lesson and give each student a post it note.  I tell them that they are going to create a title for the picture using only what they see.  I want them to give me the main idea as a title, not the topic.  I show the picture on the Smartboard and the students pass by and stick their post it note to the picture. Later I print the picture and include all the correct titles.  This quick formative assessment lets me see who can come up with a main idea based on a picture and who still needs some help in that area.  The kids were super excited about creating their own title and came up with some cute ones.