Roll A Question

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SWBAT answer questions about what they read.

Big Idea

Roll cubes to make answering questions exciting and engaging.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

The Common Core Standard states that he students need to ask and answer questions about the key details in a text.  I like using these question cubes from the Florida Center for Reading Research, and the cubes allow students to practice asking questions. I understand the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standard state that students should read closely to determine what the text is saying.  I try to allow learners to find evidence in the text to support their answers. In addition, the students should be able to explain their reasoning verbally and in writing.

Introductory Activity

The student are seated in the lounge. I ask the students to discuss what a questions is. Then one person shares.  I add to his or her comments and try to get another student to add.  I am modeling discourse and trying to build upon their prior knowledge and their peers' ideas.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

I read Tara and  Belle to the class. It is about animals that become friends in a sanctuary.  I used a text that I knew I would ask them to study in the future.  I wanted to do a read aloud because the text complexity it very high. My class is not ready at this time to independently read this text.  This is one book we are going to study in a series of text on animals that develop friendships or help each other.

I call on volunteers to read the questions stems that I write on the board. They are the same ones that they will be required to write on in their partner work.  I am preparing the students for their next activity. Some of the questions I include are: Why did Tara and Bella develop a friendship?  What illustrations tell you that they are friends?  How can you tell Tara loves Bella?  How do you think Bella felt when Tara got hurt?  How did they feel when they were reunited?

These questions are all text-dependent to encourage students to understand the text on a deeper level.

Each groups discusses their answer to each question.  One volunteer shares their response. They must show me evidence by citing text or showing the class illustrations to justify their decision. I write the choice on the board to model writing.  We use thumbs up and thumbs down to agree or disagree with the speaker.

Partner Work

20 minutes

Students (Collaboration) move to the center tables.  This gives them a transition, more space, and I can have the area already set up.

 The learners read a text of their choice, but on their lexile level.  I have preselected several books for them. It is important for learners to read on their lexile level.  If it the text is too difficult the students are unable to complete the activity. I find that if the when a text is too hard the students get stuck on the words and just sit in their desk feeling like they can't do the task.  I never what them to feel this way.  Likewise, if the text is too easy they are not working in a rigorous enough text to grow.  They finish early and do not feel challenged with a text that is too easy for the students. I try to keep the text at an instructional level.  I feel that meeting the students where they are and gradually challenging them is the best way to achieve reading gains.

They read (Roll A Question Video) the questions and fill in the graphic organizer.  I walk around, monitor and ask questions.  I offer support in reading words and assist them in completing the task.

Student Reflection

5 minutes

I like for the students to practice their speaking and listening skills which is a shift in Common Core.  They form two rows.  Row one read their work to row two.  Then they reverse.  I listen and add anything I see that is interesting.


5 minutes

The students write one question on their sticky note and place it on the Tweet Board.  I assess who understands questions and explain that we will continue to develop their proficiency in this area.  I say I can ask and answer questions about what I read. The class repeats, tells a friend, and then say it with me.