Assessment of Triangles

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SWBAT identify a variety of triangles from a set of Power Polygons.

Big Idea

WHat better way to get to know your students than with a 1:1 interview. Today you will interview each student on their knowledge of triangles and their ability to separate them from other shapes.

Center Time & Assessment

60 minutes

Note:  I want to be able to get to each student interview today.  Therefore, I am going right into center time to start the lesson, rather than doing a warm up or mini-lesson.  This way I have the entire class time to meet with each student.

The students will have an opportunity to engage themselves in three different learning opportunities during center time.

1.  Triangles and Quadrilaterals on Array Paper:  The students circle three dots for triangle vertices and four dots for quadrilateral vertices.  For a more detailed description, please refer back to yesterdays lesson, in the center time section.

2.  Creating Geoboard Triangles:  Click here for a description from the previous lesson.  Look under the center time section.

 3.  Power Polygons:  Click here for a description from the previous lesson.  Look under the center time section.


Once the students are engaged in the center time activities, I will use the attached check sheet (see section resource) as a guide to interview each student about their knowledge of a triangle.  In order to do this you will need a set of power polygons.

The interview will require the students to do the following:

1.  Can they identify a triangle from a group of shapes?

2.  Can they identify triangles that are different sizes and shapes?

3.  Can they tell you why the shapes the are choosing are triangles?  For this question, you want to ask them to elaborate on the attributes of triangles.

An example of the interview being conducted can be seen here.  The CCSS ask that students be able to distinguish between defining attributes of shapes (CCSS.Math.Content.1.G.A.1).  The questions ideas behind this assessment will allow you to determine how students are progressing with this concept.  The students are also making use of their structure (CCSS.Math.Practice.MP7) knowledge of a triangle by identifying that the size of the triangles does not matter but rather that a triangle must have certain attributes.