First Marking Period Exam

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SWBAT demonstrate what they've learned so far about patterns, abstractions, number lines, solving equations, and creating equations.

Big Idea

The first exam of the year is yet another chance for students to see how this course works. It's summative assessment, sure, but everything is formative!

It's Show Time

43 minutes

This exam is designed to take the whole period, and it's probably still more than some students can do.  That's ok.  It's graded by learning target, and this is not the last we've seen of any of these SLTs.  As much as anything, this will help us to frame our work moving forward.

As students arrive, I tell them that they can use their one Cheat Sheet, a pen or pencil, and a calculator.  Other than that, desks should be clear.  As I see that each student is ready, I provide an exam, and I say they have the entire period to do their best possible work.