Somebody Wanted But So... Cinderella

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SWBAT write the main idea and details for a piece of literature using the framework Somebody, Wanted, But, So.

Big Idea

Somebody, Wanted, But, So is a great graphic organizer to help students focus what they have read to specific details in story. Using sticky notes is a fun way to track their thoughts.

Cinderella Paragraph to Model

10 minutes

To begin I am going to start by reading a short story about Cinderella. This lesson is the first of four about Cinderella. I am using this story to show how version of a story can be different and I am going to use these stories to practice using the strategy Somebody Wanted But So. This is a way for students to organize information to help identify the main idea of a story with important details that support it. This strategy is to help them keep to details that surround a main character and the approach an author takes to tell their story.  

Using the short story, I have included a link to a similar short story on Cinderella to use for modeling. I model on the board how I can use the key words: Somebody, Wanted, But, So. I start by showing how I fill in the Somebody as Cinderella, but I make sure to include an important detail about her. For my example, I use Cinderella is an orphan girl who was raised by her evil stepmother and forced to work as her maid. I then do the Wanted: She wanted to not be a servant and to be whisked away to some place wonderful with a prince of her dreams. Next is the But: But she was not allowed to go the ball where she might meet a prince and was very sad. But her fairy godmother came to save her and helped her find transportation and a beautiful dress to get to there. But she had to be home by midnight because of the spell. Last comes the So: So she ended up leaving late and lost a slipper that was later used to find her. So she tried on the slipper and it fit.So she lived happily ever after with her prince. 

A New Spin on Cinderella

10 minutes

In order for students to have a turn at the strategy I am going to read another Cinderella story but it will be a different version. Each student is given four sticky notes and asked to label Somebody, Wanted, But, and So across them, one sticky for each title. They are going to do the same thing I did but they need to use details from the new version. Their details should include the differences and not tell the same story I just read. 

The story I am going to read is Cinderella Penguin and the Glass Flipper by Janet Perlman. This is a very similar version but includes details that match a penguin and not a human. I will read other Cinderella versions this week and each time practice this strategy. I read the whole story aloud and then give them time to fill out their sticky notes. 


Sticky Note Organization

10 minutes

Now is the students turn to organize their thoughts on their sticky notes. I start by walking through each one so they have some structure into what I am expecting of them and their writing. As I go through each one I bring them back to my example so that agin they see the structure of what is expected and how their's might look.