Transformation of Quadratic Functions Day 2 of 2

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Students will be to use transformations to graph quadratic functions.

Big Idea

Use the area model of a quadratic function to explain why transformations work.

Warm up and Homework Review

10 minutes

I include Warm ups with a Rubric as part of my daily routine. My goal is to allow students to work on Math Practice 3 each day. Grouping students into homogeneous pairs provides an opportunity for appropriately differentiated math conversations. The Video Narrative specifically explains this lesson’s Warm Up- Transformations of Quadratic Functions Day 2, which asks students to determine which of two methods of graphing a shrink of ½ on a quadratic function is correct.

Area Model for Horizontal Translations

37 minutes

This is the second day of a two day lesson.  In the previous lesson, students learned about vertical translations, stretches/shrinks, and vertical reflections using an area model.  Today they investigate horizontal translations in the same manner (Math Practice 8).  Once they have written and we have discussed their conclusion for horizontal translations, we put everything together in a variety of Guided Practice problems using equations, graphs, and area models.  The final task extends the lesson into cubic functions using a volume model. 

Detailed presentation notes are located in the PowerPoint.

Exit Ticket

3 minutes

I use an exit ticket each day as a quick formative assessment to judge the success of the lesson.  

Today's Exit Ticket asks students to graph a quadratic function using all possible transformations.


This assignment has a range of problems asking students to graph, write functions and draw area models given different sets of information and using all learned transformations.  The final problem asks students to analyze what transformation occurs when changing the sign of the x value inside the square (Math Practice 7).  While seemingly obvious, it is a big discovery to many students that this "transformation" doesn't actually change the shape of the quadratic.