Similes and Metaphors Compare!

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SWBAT to write using similes and metaphors.

Big Idea

Students look in the mirror to compare! Students will be writing about themselves using similes and metaphors. They will create one "Puzzling Portrait!"

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

I will pass out the lyics to the song My Heart is a Stereo and have the students underline any similes and metaphors in the song.  The students are very familiar with the song and are easily engaged into the activity.  This song does have more metaphors than similes which I like because similes are very easy for them to identify, this helps the look at and analyze metaphors. 

I will then ask them to pick out one simile and one metaphor to analyze. While they are working, I will monitor their progress and assess their readiness.  

Once I notice the students are finishing, I will have them complete a Robin Robin to share their answers.  This will give each student the opportunity to share and discuss their responses.  

Finally, I will display the song lyrics with all the similes and metaphors underlined.  I will ask students to check their work with mine and then ask for a couple of volunteers to share their analysis of their examples. 


25 minutes

To get the students applying the skill of similes and metaphors, I am going to have them work to create a Puzzling Portraits of themselves.  Similes and metaphors are often confused, so I want them to actually write them to see the differences between the two.  

I will first go through the power point which has the directions and examples.  It is important to point out the simile and the metaphor the student used and what it says about them as a person or their physical features. 

I will then model with the students how to develop or create these similes and metaphors.  I'll demonstrate how I came up with my own Puzzling Portrait by going through my brainstorm list first, then writing them out. 

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Now that the students have had a chance to see how it is done, I will have the students work to create their own Puzzling Portraits.  I will have the students first work on the Brainstorm List.  As they are working, I will check in with them and the choices they made.  I want the students to really think about the simile or metaphor they are picking.  Why is it the best representation of who they are?  How does the comparison help me understand who they are or what they look like? 

To be able to help the students understand the purpose similes and metaphors are used in writing is important.  It will help them understand why authors use it.

I will allow the students time to work. 

Literature Circle Group

25 minutes

I will have the students move into their literature circle groups to continue discussing Seedfolks.  I will begin by holding a class wide discussion reviewing Wendell and Gonzalo.  I will use their responses in the discussion packet to guide our discussion.  I want to hold a classwide discussion first because I am still modeling how to discuss.  The students just starting to develop their skills for holding discussion, especially academic based discussions.  I want to model it a little more and talk about the process of holding a discussion in the literature groups before I let them do it on their own. 

I will go through the discussion guide, sharing my thoughts on the question then asking for students to share their thoughts.  I will point out how the discussion continually flows and how we add to others' comments, how we agree and disagree.  The students need to know this is more than a time to share "What I got was...".  This takes time and will be developing over the course of the year. 

Next, we will read aloud the next chapter Leona.  I am still reading the text aloud to demonstrate annotating the text.  The students are also developing this skill and need guidance on identifying what is important.  They are able to draw conclusions, but not able to pull out the text needed to make the conclusion.  I will stop as I read to model my thinking, my notes, and ask other students about their thinking as well. 

Then, I will have them work with their literature groups to discuss and complete the Reading Response Guide as well as the Seedfolks Character Analysis.  This is our routine daily literature group work.  It is a very structured guided way to ease them into the discussion format.  Their thinking in prompted and guided.  Eventually, I want their thinking to be authentic and self-created.  However, I realize that is a skill some students may not master until adulthood. 

I will monitor the students, work with the struggling groups, and provide guidance when necessary.  



7 minutes

To help the students process their learning and to assess their understanding I will have the students complete today's closure slip.