Pattern Assessment

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Students will be able to complete a performance assessment to demonstrate their knowledge of patterns.

Big Idea

Students create the patterns: AB, AAB, ABB, and ABC in a small group assessment.

Giving the Assessment

20 minutes

Each day I run a math station rotation. I prefer to give this assessment in small groups during this time. I have 3-4 students working with me at once. In the past, I have given each child a handful of cubes and let them work on the assessment whole group as I walked around, but I feel giving the assessment in a small group setting is more effective. Each small group takes approximately 20 minutes to finish, so to assess the entire class it took me one week.

I give each student a handful of unifix cubes to build patterns with. In this assessment, students will build and color AB, AAB, ABB, and ABC patterns. These are the 4 patterns we have learned in class.   It is important to remember the students must have at least three different colors of cubes in their handful to complete the assessment. After the students build a pattern, they re-create it by coloring the pattern on the page. For example,  build an AB pattern and then color the AB pattern you built. Here are some pictures of this:


In addition, I require that students label patterns. I feel that identifying the pattern, and being capable of verbalizing it is an important mathematical skill.