Functions Review Assignment

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SWBAT: 1) Evaluate Functions and determine their domain and range 2) Graph piecewise functions 3) Shift functions using transformations

Big Idea

This review assignment will wrap up the functions unit and help students understand what they need to continue to study.

Test Review

40 minutes

For this review assignment we used a flipped lesson format.  Students were able to preview the review assignment by watching the attached videos before class.  Then during class, students were able to use their smart phones or tablets to watch the attached videos as they continued to work on the review assignment.  As students worked I was able to move from group to group and answer any clarifying questions.  The videos remained posted after class so that students could access them from the school library or home following the class.  This "around the clock" access gives students more flexibility when preparing for the unit assessment.

Movie Summaries

  1. functions_evaluating_review - This review discusses being able to evaluate functions.  It also allows students to work on domain and range as well as maximum, minimum and the intervals where a function is increasing or decreasing.
  2. functions_transformations_review-This review video allows students to practice shifting functions in all four directions (up, down, left and right).
  3. functions_piecewise_review-This review allows students to practice graphing piecewise functions by using a table.


When students enter the class I have them choose the area of the review assignment that they would like to work on first, second and third.  They then proceed to partner up with other students who want to start in the same area.  If there are any students who I know have been struggling throughout the unit, I will put them in a group and work more closely with that group throughout the class.  Students will not have time to complete all of the review assignment during the class period but they will be able to work on the concepts they feel they need the most work on while they can ask me for help.