Pumpkin Roll

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Students will be able to roll die to count and recognize numbers 1-6.

Big Idea

Students love using foam dice to get counting!


10 minutes

As Halloween approaches, the excitement in our classroom grows.  We have been talking about pumpkins for a while now. I taught my class the song "5 Little Pumpkins", and some movements that go along with it. I have included a video of the class.

To begin this lesson, we sing our "5 Little Pumpkins" song, which is sure to get my class interested in the activity that will follow.  This song is also available on YouTube:


Independent Practice

20 minutes

Students will roll 1 die. This is important because the corresponding paper only goes up to the numeral 6. I prefer to use large foam dice I found at Lakeshore Learning, however you could use a regular die. I pair students up for this activity. Each pair will take turn rolling the die. I have included a reflection that discusses the use of die in the classroom. In my opinion, sharing expectations with the class ahead of time makes things run more smoothly!

Once a student rolls, they count the number on their die. Students then color in pumpkins that have this number. For example, if a child rolls the number 5, they color in all pumpkins with the number 5. Here we are playing pumpkin roll:

This is a fun Halloween activity that my class enjoys. I like this lesson because it helps students with their numeral recognition and counting skills.