Summative Assessment: Chapters 1-8

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SWBAT cite textual evidence on a summative assessment.

Big Idea

Time to show what you know!


5 minutes

To begin class today, I have students take out all of the notes we have created for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  They can use any of their notes and class assignments on this assessment.

I also make sure that each student has a copy of the novel.  Even if they've forgotten their copy at home, I will lend them one to use.  However, students will only be permitted to use their own notes.

I do check to make sure the notes they're using are theirs as pass out the tests.


Getting Down To Business

50 minutes

Students will have the entire period to work through this test.  At the halfway point of class, I do let students know how much time they have left.  I also give a reminder to follow all of the instructions.

Hopefully, they'll all go back and make sure they're using the vocabulary words in their complete-sentence responses!