The Line's the Thing: Othello Act IV Line Performances

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SWBAT show their command of spoken language by performing key passages of Othello, Act IV.

Big Idea

Presenting the 10th Grade World Studies Players!


10 minutes

We will start class with our usual 10 minutes of reading. I will read with the students today.

Othello Act IV Line Performances

30 minutes

To demonstrate their ability to adapt speech for a variety of situations and so I can assess them on their command of Shakespeare's English, (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.9-10.6), we will spend a chunk of time performing chosen lines from Othello Act IV.

The students had time yesterday to complete their prep sheets. I will collect these completed sheets and use them to call randomly on my speakers. I will ask students to just stand by their seats to share their lines. I have a feeling they will be pretty nervous, so hopefully being in a "safe" place in the room will alleviate some of their anxiety. All students will have to perform.

I am only going to have them perform their Act IV Line Performances out loud. We will not take time for explanations unless the line readings go super fast. If this happens, I will spend a little time reviewing/discussing their performances.

Othello Acts I-IV Review/Discussion

15 minutes

After the students have performed their lines, I will spend a few minutes discussing the play and, if there is time, we will watch a part of the Cliffnotes summary video. As we near the end of the play, I am going to try to push their conversation towards the themes they've seen (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.9-10.2) and towards making predictions about what will happen in Act V. I'm hoping that by watching this silly, short video summary, the students will see some of the themes they have been tracing and solidify their understanding of the basic plot line of the play so far.

I will then allow students whatever time is left in class to finalize their Act IV dichotomy journals.