Rosa Parks Performance Task Continued

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SWBAT continue to evaluate multiple accounts of Rosa Parks' choice to remain seated on the bus

Big Idea

There are many perspectives about Rosa Parks, which do YOU believe?

Cue Set

5 minutes

**The lesson is a bit short today because we have an off-site evacuation drill so I will not have tons of time with scholars today.  

Yesterday, we began this lesson.  Today is day 2 of a 2-part lesson where scholars complete a performance task.  For the opening part of the lesson today, scholars reflect on their progress from yesterday and set a concrete goal for today.  I find that this helps scholars organize their time and be more purposeful as they work.  

I say, "You have 2 minutes to look back at your work from yesterday and write down all that you accomplished.  Create a list of what you need to do today."  

I model a think aloud if needed.  "I'm looking back into my notebook and I see that my Venn Diagram has 2 quotes and i finished comparing and contrasting.  I wrote the first paragraph of my column.  Today I need to write the paragraph about how Rosa's account and Keith Brandt's accounts are different.  I also need to make sure I include quotes in my answer."  

Scholars then have 1 minute to Rally Robin (go back and forth with their friend) a list of what they need to accomplish today.  

Performance Task

45 minutes

Similar to yesterday, during the Performance task my ELL co-teacher provides scholars with accommodations.  I will actually be giving IRI's during this time (a running record assessment that my county requires).  Click here for an IRI overview.  The performance task will last two days and will give me an opportunity to finish assessments and will provide closure to our unit.  

Scholars work independently during this time.  i will allow scholars to get up out of their seats and sit in the library, the brown table or in stools at the counter as long as they are working hard and remain focused.  Today I provide scholars with publishing paper to finish up their articles.  

They are given the following guidelines to help them organize their column: 

Organize your response in the following way: 

1. Paragraph #1 - How Rosa describes the event 

2. Paragraph #2 - How Keith Brant describes the event 

3. Paragraph #3 - How the descriptions are the same and different 

4. Paragraph #4 - Why the descriptions might be the same/different 

I expect that students might struggle with the written organization and development of this performance task which is why I give them the guidelines above for each paragraph.  This helps ensure that they fully develop their response.  


2 minutes

Scholars look at the PARCC rubric for scoring that I gave them yesterday.  They turn and tell a friend what they think they did well with and anything they need to finish for homework.   

Again, here I am building scholars' skill of reflection and time/task management.