Researching Our Class Culture: Culmination of Countries

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SWBAT recall information and research facts from sources to produce a research project

Big Idea

How can I communicate my experiences and share my knowledge?

Travel Brochure Project

20 minutes

     As a culmination activity of our heritage, I encourage students to choose a favorite country and create a research project.  It is a good idea to plan ahead and ask students to bring articles, books, hard copies of photos students like to use, various craft tools, etc. to use as sources for their research.  Since this is a culmination activity, my students have already researched their country in the previous lessons in this unit. See other lessons in this unit for countries that our class has researched prior to this culminating activity.  Prior to attempting this lesson, I recommend checking out my lesson on Chile because it is a great lesson on modeling how to create a brochure.  This lesson expects students to complete the brochure independently since they already had practice.

    First, I ask students to create a travel brochure.  We had completed one earlier for a country heritage research. I use that brochure as a sample  (see source of Chile brochure).  I review the directions and expectations of the brochure.  We also examine brochures from tourist attractions and discuss the features that attract tourists to these locations.  Students are encouraged to include pictures and captions that persuade people to visit these places. Persuasive writing that cites evidence from text and research originates from Common Core.  Students must develop skills for finding relevant and sufficient evidence to support their claims that their location will appeal to tourists.  

     We discuss the contents of a brochure and I show a list of possible items to include (see source).  I give students a blank brochure template to create one of a place in any country around the world that they wish to visit. 

    Students enjoyed this project and were well informed about their topic since we had researched days prior to this activity.  The result is an astonishing array of detailed brochures that will appeal to any tourist (see source for student samples of their completed work for this project).

Triorama Project

20 minutes

     I distribute to students pre-assembled trioramas (see resource).  I show students samples of past trioramas to gauge what they needed to have on theirs.  The triorama scenery should match the photo and description that was on student brochures.  Students have access to craft items such as cotton, buttons, glitter, construction paper, three demensional miniature objects.  Students recreate the scenery from their research of their chosen country of study.  Students will also prepare their script to orally present their trioramas and brochures.

Oral Presentation

20 minutes

      Students present and discuss their trioramas as I videotape them.  Common core uses multimedia presentations and audio-visual recordings to communicate information and experiences.  So, our class decided to create a movie of student presentations. Practicing in front of a camera helps students develop audible and coherent language as they recount an experience or tell a story that is relevant to their topic.  It is also a great way to share with others the hard work we completed and the knowledge we gained as a result.  Lastly, the multicultural awareness has motivated many students to share more and bring artifacts for show and tell  (see movie clip of Pakstan clothing)