Introducing Quadrilaterals

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SWBAT identify the characteristics of triangles and quadrilaterals.

Big Idea

A big word for a big idea! After being introduced to the term quadrilateral, the students will learn the characteristics of them and have an opportunity to create various quadrilaterals.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Pair the students up into teams of two (a team of three if you have an odd amount).  The objective is that the students are working on their complements of 10. I give each team a 0-9 die and ask them to sit knee to knee with their partner.  The first person rolls the die and states the number he/she rolled. The second person states the number needed to make 10.  If the partners are unsure of the answer, they can use 10 connecting cubes to check their work.  Then they switch roles.  The idea is that they are working on fact fluency with their compliments of 10.   Click here to see this activity in action.

**If students are fluent with their compliments of 10, they can work on compliments of 20 with a 0-19 die.  

This warm up is not connected to the rest of the lesson but rather another opportunity to offer continued practice with year long number and operation skills that the students need to have in place by the end of the year.

Introducing and Finding Quadrilaterals

15 minutes

**Advanced preparation:  Create a poster that defines the term quadrilateral and has example of different quadrilaterals (see section resource for an example titled Quadrilateral Poster).  

I take out the Power Polygons, that were introduced in the previous lesson (again you will need to order these for your classroom), and give each student a set.  I quickly review the characteristics of a triangle and ask students to each find a triangle from their shapes.  

I then ask them to check with a neighbor to see if each person found a triangle.  I ask if they re all the same shape?  Do they all have the same characteristics?

The point is that you want students to realize that all triangles have three sides and vertices but they can be different sizes and shapes.

Now we're going to look at a different type of shape called a quadrilateral.  DOes anyone know what a quadrilateral is?

I then show the students the quadrilateral poster and explain that it is a shape with four sides, all straight sides, and all of the sides meet at their endpoints.  

There are many shapes that are quadrilaterals.  Who can think of some of the shapes that we have worked with that fit our definition?  I take responses form the class and check each suggestion with the definition.

I then ask the students to do the following:  Please sort your Power Polygons by those that are quadrilaterals and those that are not.  Then I want you to check each shape to make sure that it fits the definition of a quadrilateral.  

Once that is done, I will ask the students to pull out two different quadrilaterals from their pile of shapes.  How are the two shapes the same?  How are they different?

Finish up with a focus on a quadrilateral having 4 vertices.  

Center Time

30 minutes

The students will have an opportunity to engage themselves in three different learning opportunities during center time.

1.  Triangles and Quadrilaterals on Array Paper:  The students circle three dots for triangle vertices and four dots for quadrilateral vertices.  For a more detailed description, please refer back to yesterdays lesson, in the center time section.

2.  Creating Geoboard Triangles:  Click here for a description from the previous lesson.  Look under the center time section.

 3.  Power Polygons:  Click here for a description from the previous lesson.  Look under the center time section.

Extra Practice

5 minutes

Continuing to build on Number and Operations skills, I will roll a two digit number (using a 10's and 1's die) and state the number.  The students will write down the number that comes just after.  I will then do a few rounds of that and then switch it to the number that comes just before.  Watch the video titled Supplies to see the supplies you will need for the game.