Writing an Estimation Word Problem, Day 2

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SWBAT write an original word problem about estimating fraction sums.

Big Idea

Students solve their own problems.

Group Work

20 minutes

To give students an optimum amount of time to complete the activity, I will let them get started immediately.  This is the second day of the group work assignment. Yesterday students brainstormed with their groups and determined the characters and scenario of their word problem. (See Writing an Estimating Word Problem, Day 1)  Today the goal of groups is to write a word problem using their understanding of a good word problem and solve it.  I will continuously give groups time checks to keep them on track.

As students work, I will circulate throughout the room to answer any questions and to monitor their progress.

Whole Class Discussion

20 minutes

I will randomly choose 3 groups to share their work.  Using a document viewer I will show the class the focus group's word problem.  The focus group will be instructed to select a student to read the problem to the class.  The other groups will work on solving the word problem.  If any clarification is needed, I will encourage students to ask questions.  This will allow the focus group to understand how the problem could be improved.

I will continue this process for the remaining two focus groups.  I will collect all of the groups' word problems and solutions and explain that the problems we didn't discuss will be a future homework assignment.

Exit Card

5 minutes

I will hand out index cards to students.  This exit card is an assessment of students' understanding of a good and solvable word problem.  They will answer the following questions.


In addition to what we discussed, what are other qualities of a good word problem? Based on the word problems that we worked on today, what made them good or what could be improved?